Xiaomi Screenshot

Xiaomi Screenshot

Xiaomi has taken care of the self-sufficient functionality of its products. The company has developed its interfaces and functionality for such common and widespread applications as Screenshots, Camera, Calculator, Clock, etc.

Xiaomi Screenshot app

This also applies to creating a screenshot – a photographic snapshot of the screen state. The Xiaomi Screenshot application offers about 4-6 working schemes for taking a screenshot.

Several Ways to take a screenshot in Xiaomi

  1. Simultaneously hold down the volume down key and the power key. Press and hold in this position for about 3 – 4 seconds.
  2. Simultaneously hold down the volume down key and the left touch button.
  3. Swipe the top of the screen once or twice to open the notifications menu and select Screenshot. In this case, a screenshot of the state of the screen before you moved the screen down for the first time will be saved.
  4. At the same time, touch the screen with three fingers and drag it down without lifting it. (Most popular way)

*Screenshots are saved in the memory of the Xiaomi smartphone or on the memory card in the “DCIM” -> “Screenshots” folder.

Taking a long MIUI 12+ screenshot

If you need not just a screenshot, but a long screenshot, then this option is available in the current firmware version. To do this, just take a screenshot on Xiaomi in a way convenient for you and look carefully at the screenshot that appears on the screen. One of its features is scrolling.

The function is useful when you need to copy, send the contents of an entire Internet site, which does not completely fit on the screen of a mobile phone.

Go down as long as you need to. When you decide that you should not scroll the picture further, then click on the “Stop” button. Save the screenshot by pressing the corresponding button in the upper right.

Now you know how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi.

More Details:

Name:Xiaomi Screenshot Apk
Latest Version1.4.34-12151541
Updated:March 5, 2023
Developer:Xiaomi Inc.
Installations:1 000 000 +
Minimum VersionAndroid 7.1


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