MIUI Clock

miui clock

Xiaomi MIUI Clock is a specially designed application that was developed for MIUI OS and has many features and functions compared to the standard clock.

Xiaomi MIUI Clock

Main Features:

  • 2 x 2 clock widget.
  • The ability to resize the widget.
  • Align widget vertically and horizontally
  • Adding a widget to the lock screen.
  • The design of the alarm clock, which is displayed when you tap on the clock.
  • Timer, stopwatch.
  • World time function.
  • Setting up time zones.
  • Choice of time display format: use 24-hour format, AM/PM or use standard settings from the phone
  • The function responsible for turning on / off the smartphone according to the schedule.
  • Clock customization.
Xiaomi MIUI Clock setting date and time
Xiaomi MIUI Clock setting

Customizable clock

Many users love this particular watch for its customization. You can change:

  • size
  • font
  • color
  • text style
  • and the visibility of each watch element.

Therefore, in addition to the rich functionality, you also get the opportunity to unify the watch.


The alarm clock is one of the most important features that complement the watch. In the MIUI clock, the alarm clock has many possibilities.

Xiaomi MIUI Clock alarm

For example:

  • you can create an unlimited number of alarms
  • put on repeat
  • add alarm to calendar
  • select the days on which the alarm will ring
  • choose a ringtone for each alarm
  • add a note for each individual alarm

Stopwatch and Countdown Timer

The watch has built-in stopwatch and countdown timer functions.
It is very convenient to go into one application and get all the necessary functions at once. Each function has its own icon and section.

Xiaomi MIUI Clock stopwatch
  • Stopwatch has a simple and user-friendly interface. It is enough to press only one button and the timer will start. After starting, you have two buttons: stop and the exact time of the lap.
  • Countdown timer. By going to this section, you can set any time to start the countdown from 1 second to 23:59:59 hours. You can choose the time yourself or with the help of blanks. As soon as the countdown time is over, the alarm will sound.
Xiaomi MIUI Clock Countdown timer

More Details:

Name:MIUI Clock Apk
Latest Version13.62.0
Updated:March 5, 2023
Developer:Xiaomi Inc.
Installations:1 000 000 +
Minimum VersionAndroid 7 +


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